Microlearning platform

to allow you to create short and memorable courses!

Outil en ligne de conception de formations courtes

Management and management interface tracking

With Cards, everything has been designed to reduce the oblivion curve by facilitating the design of short modules that can be perfectly integrated in businesses.

You will facilitate theOpening up internal knowledge And the sharing everyone's knowledge.

We designed a simple and functional interface so you can focus on the main thing: your knowledge and associated content.

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Application mobile in your pocket!

Our mobile-learning application is available on the mobile application stores for iOS and Android.

Each of your users can download the application, connect to it, and directly access the micro-learning courses that you have shared with them. He can filter the courses according to his progress, or search among all the courses that you have shared with him.

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Cards is also available in Microsoft Teams
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Detail of the functionalities


Use AI-assisted design to create content or even microlearning in no time!

Doc, PPT, PDF to -> Cards

Upload a document in PDF, PPT or DOC and our assistant, with the help of AI, will create the appropriate micro-learning for you.

Learning Routine®

With Learning Routine®, create learning routines adapted to everyone's pace and progress.

Titles, Texts, Links

Write your content and format it (bold, alignment, links, etc...).

Importing images

Insert images, they will automatically adapt to our applications.

Importing images

Insert images, they will automatically adapt to our applications.

Youtube videos

Copy and paste the links from your Youtube videos to add them to Cards.

Gifs via GIPHY

Integrate Gifs thanks to the integration of Giphy in the Cards platform.

Unsplash library

Integrate Gifs thanks to the integration of Giphy in the Cards platform.

Vimeo videos

Integrate Gifs thanks to the integration of Giphy in the Cards platform.


Integrate podcasts or interviews from Soundcloud.

Zoomable image

Activate the zoom on images with details that are important to the eye.

Dailymotion videos

Are your videos hosted on Dailymotion? No problem, Cards is compatible with Dailymotion.

Feedback & Rating

Let your learners rate and comment on your courses.


Follow the progress of your learners and the level of completion of your courses.

Push & Email notifications

Send notifications to your learners and create engagement.

Research module

From the web or mobile application, search for a course by title, category or description.


Activate the ranking by learner or by group to challenge your teams.

Private/public access

Offer your training courses to everyone, via a generated link that you can share.

Quizzes & corrections

Write the question, add your answers, and provide the correction.


Consult the consultation statistics of your courses to adapt your content.

Duplicate function

Duplicate your courses and/or chapters to save even more time.

Simplified enrollment

Lots of learners? Share a customizable signup link to make your job easier.

Export of activities

Per learner or per group, export the activities for your follow-up (CPF & Qualiopi in particular).

Versions 🇫🇷 - 🇺🇸

Interface fully available in French and English.

White label

Want more? We offer a white label to fully customize the application (on request).


Interface optimized to facilitate the consultation of content by everyone, compatible with VoiceOver (iOS) and Talkback (Android).


As soon as the training course is created, you can choose a broadcast date and/or a broadcast end date.

Teasing mode

Allow your users to visualize the start and end date of a training course and thus arouse their interest before, during and after accessing your content.

QR code

By activating public access to your training course (without a Cards user account), a QR Code is generated to facilitate access to your micro-training.

SCORM export

Export your courses in SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 (3rd edition) format.

The questions you ask yourself?

There are always topics on which we would like to have a clear, precise and sometimes concise answer. Here we present the main frequently asked questions related to the theme of this page.

Do you have more questions?

Consult our dedicated FAQ page (frequently asked questions) or contact us with pleasure.
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What is microlearning?

It is a short training action, lasting only a few minutes (generally 3 to 5 min). Microlearning can be used to raise awareness or to make a medium digestible. The use cases are numerous: onboarding, recap, reminders,...

What happens if my subscription ends?

No data is deleted when your subscription expires. You can find all your training courses, statistics and learners by resuming a subscription. We keep your data for 1 year after the expiration of your paid offer or for 3 months in case of inactivity on a free account. After which we are required to delete them, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD).

Do you provide tailor-made quotes?

We know that sometimes it's necessary for businesses to go through a quote and sometimes even a purchase order. No worries about sending you one!
Contact us and we will be happy to send it to you quickly. We can also take care of the configuration and creation of your tailor-made subscription.