General Terms of Use

AI-assisted design (Artificial Intelligence) - in Cards

CGU - AI-assisted design



1.1 Definitions

The Contracting Parties undertake to comply with the following general conditions of use. Seekoya SAS develops and publishes its solution called “The Cards Platform”, accessible online under the name “Cards micro-learning” as well as the 2 mobile applications for Apple and Android terminals, of the same name.

“The User” refers to the company (failing that the person in their own name) using the Cards Platform created by Seekoya SAS.

1.2 Agreement

This agreement becomes valid between the parties “The Cards Platform” and “The User” after clear and unequivocal consent by any duly authorized person representing the User. By creating their space on the Cards Platform, the User is free to accept these general conditions of use specific to the AI functionality (AI-assisted design in Cards) when they check the box”Activate AI on my space” or when he subscribes to one of the subscription or service offers of the Cards Platform integrating this functionality

2. Introduction

These Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as “T&Cs”) govern your use of AI-assisted design (artificial intelligence) in Cards. By accessing and using the Cards Platform, you fully and completely accept these T&Cs. If you do not accept these T&Cs, please do not check the box mentioning the agreement of the T&Cs specific to AI in The Cards Platform

3. Acceptance of the T&Cs

By using the Cards Platform, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these T&Cs. If you are using the Cards Platform on behalf of an organization, you declare that you have permission to link that organization to these T&Cs, and the terms “you” and “your” will refer to that organization. If you do not agree with these T&Cs specific to the use of AI on your Cards space, you can however continue to use the Cards Platform. The feature will then be deactivated on your space.

4. Using the OpenAI service

Cards (société Seekoya) et Open AI Ireland Ltd ont conclu un Data Processing Agreement pour le service OpenAI API. Le contrat est conclu avec notre société, dans le but de garantir le traitement de données réalisés par nos soins et par le service API d'Open AI uniquement. Aucune donnée personnelle de nos clients n'est fournie ou transmise à OpenAI.
OpenAI conservera les données transmises par notre société, via le service OpenAI API envoyées par le biais de l'API pendant un maximum de trente (30) jours, après quoi elles seront supprimées, sauf si l'OpenAI est tenue de conserver des copies en vertu des lois applicables, auquel cas l'OpenAI isolera et protégera ces données du client contre tout traitement ultérieur, sauf dans la mesure où les lois applicables l'exigent.
4.1. Access to the Platform
We use the OpenAI service to provide you with the AI-assisted design feature in Cards, designed to help you create and edit short, so-called “micro-learning” content. In order to use the OpenAI service, we need to collect, process, and transfer data, and processes that are subject to this Privacy Policy. The AI-assisted design feature is exclusively available to the User having activated and accepted the use of it.

4.2. User Generated Content
The User is responsible for any generated content that he publishes, uploads or shares on and outside the Cards Platform. You should follow our guidelines for user-generated content, including when using the AI-assisted design feature in Cards.

AI-assisted design helps you create micro-learning and review embedded content, such as texts, in order to adapt them to your needs. AI-assisted design offers the User, according to his request, a structure of chapters in connection with his initial request (prompt). The User is free to accept or review the proposed chapter structure. He can also choose to activate or deactivate the proposal of content such as generated texts, images or quizzes.

The User has full control over the content generated at all times and can review and modify it at any time before using or distributing it.

4.3. Data Confidentiality and Security
We are committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

4.4. Privacy and RGPD

The Cards Platform is designed to protect the private data that we may obtain from or about you. We store the content of your AI-assisted design requests in order to calculate the number of credits required for the OpenAI service to create the content. If you choose to use this “AI-assisted design” feature, we will only transfer the textual context of your request to OpenAI to process your request and generate or edit short content (grouped into chapters when creating micro-learning) based on this. At any time, you can express a request to delete data concerning you, in the same context as exercising your rights to the RGPD and to privacy.nous ne transférerons que le contexte textuel de votre demande à OpenAI pour traiter votre demande et générer ou éditer des contenus courts (regroupés en chapitres lors de la création de micro-learning) en fonction de cela. A tout moment vous pouvez exprimer une demande de suppression de données vous concernant, dans le même cadre que l'exercice de vos droits au RGPD et à la vie privée.

5. Intellectual Property Rights

5.1. Seekoya SAS rights - Cards platform
You acknowledge that all intellectual property rights relating to the Cards Platform, including copyrights, trademarks, and patents, belong to Seekoya SAS (owner and publisher of the Cards Platform) or its licensors.

5.2 Propriété des contenus créés
Tout contenu créé dans Cards, avec ou sans l'assistant de conception par IA, demeure et reste la propriété de son auteur (éditeur du contenu ou propriétaire de l'espace). En aucun cas Cards ni OpenAI ne sont propriétaire des contenus créés et générés sur la plateforme, conformément à nos conditions générales d'utilisation et aux conditions générales d'utilisation d'OpenAI API.

Lien vers les conditions générales OpenAI API en lien avec notre usage du service API.

Rappel : nous tenons à mentionner et rappeler que les conditions générales d'utilisation du service OpenAI API sont différentes des conditions générales d'utilisation des autres services proposés par OpenAI.

5.3. Utilisation Autorisée
En souscrivant à une offre de la Plateforme Cards, vous obtenez une licence limitée, non exclusive et non transférable pour utiliser la Plateforme Cards conformément à ces CGU.

6. Invoicing and payments

6.1. Rates and payments
The rates for using the Cards Platform are indicated on our website. You agree to pay the fees in accordance with our pricing policy.
The AI-assisted Design feature, operating through the use of AI credits, the User's account has a volume of AI Credits that can be used and refillable as they wish to achieve their purposes. The details of the AI credits to which the User is entitled are mentioned in his commercial offer and on account in the Cards Platform, by going to the latter's Subscription page.

6.2. Renewal and Cancellation
Details on automatically renewing and cancelling your subscription are available on our website.

7. Account Cancellation and Suspension

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend your account in the event of a violation of these T&Cs or inappropriate behavior.

7.1 Reporting illegal content
Any User who, during their access to the Cards Platform and the content generated and published with Cards, discovers or is aware of illegal content, is invited to report this to Seekoya SAS, according to the procedure described below.

Any content, regardless of the medium and format, is considered to be illegal content:
-particularly promoting war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes and offences against the State (terrorism, etc.);
- inciting hatred against people because of their sex, sexual orientation or identity, religion, or disability;
- encouraging pedophilia or any pornographic activity;
- violating the intellectual property rights of third parties; generally characterizing an illegal or illicit activity.

In his report, the User:

- will use the “contact” form available on the Site of or via that of will specify the account to which he is linked to on Cards (person or company that registered him) and on which he identified the illegal content.
- Specify the address (HTTPS://) of the page in question where the illegal content is present; will share any comments;
- will send the form.

Seekoya SAS will then process the report as soon as possible and reserves the right to close the Cards account concerned.

8 Availability of the Cards Platform

Seekoya SAS will make its best efforts, within the limits of the state of the art, to ensure the access and operation of the Cards Platform 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, excluding breakdowns and maintenance operations (preventive, corrective or evolutionary).

9. Changes to the T&Cs

We may update these T&Cs from time to time. Changes will be posted on our website, and it is your responsibility to regularly review these T&Cs to stay informed of changes.

10. Contact

For any questions regarding these T&Cs, please contact us at the following address: hello [AT] seekoya [POINT] com

11. Disclaimer

Use of the Cards Platform is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss or damage arising from the use of the Cards Platform.


Seekoya SAS may update these terms of use. The User is deemed to have accepted the latest version of these terms and conditions following prior communication from The Cards Platform.

Seekoya SAS reserves the right to mention and display the logo and company name provided by the Customer when registering on the Cards Platform, for communication purposes. At any time, the User may request the withdrawal of his mention (logo + company name) by making a written request (email hello [AT] seekoya [POINT] com or postal mail addressed to the head office) addressed to Seekoya SAS.


This contract is governed by French law. The Parties grant exclusive jurisdiction to the Commercial Court of LYON for any dispute, arising or arising, concerning the formation, performance and/or termination of this contract and its consequences, even in the event of multiple plaintiffs or defendants in the legal proceedings concerned.