Microsoft Teams integration

To find your content in a single platform for all your teams


Cards application for MS Teams

Thanks to theMicrosoft Teams integration, employees can easily follow, complete and review the micro-training courses shared by their colleagues, teams or managers.

All of this, quite simply, in a single platform.

Cards offers employees the flexibility to learn from anywhere and at any time. With its intuitive user interface, employees can easily navigate the platform and stay up to date with the latest training modules.

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Application Cards micro-learning pour Microsoft Teams

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Why integrate Cards micro-learning into Microsoft Teams?

The Cards integration with Microsoft Teams makes it possible to centralize training and make it easily accessible for employees without having to use another platform.

How do I know if employees are using the app in Microsoft Teams?

Cards micro-learning offers tools for monitoring and measuring the progress of employees in their training. Managers can thus regularly check the use of the platform.

How can you ensure that the modules created by employees are of high quality and relevant?

It is entirely possible to manage the validation and verification of content created by managers before the publication of micro-training courses to employees. This will allow you to guarantee their quality and relevance for each of your user groups.